Terms & Conditions

Article 1: Organiser. Rockfon

The Rockfon Division within ROCKWOOL Limited Registered in England and Wales: 972252 Pencoed, Bridgend CF35 6NY United Kingdom, (‘Rockfon’, ‘We’, ‘Us’ ‘Our’) is a leading producer of Suspended Acoustic Ceiling Tiles, Islands, Baffles, Wall Panels, Grid and Accessories and has developed a loyalty program entitled "MyRockfon" ('Program') for individuals using Our products.

If You apply to register with Us You accept these terms and conditions. We may refuse an application to join this Program for any reason at Our sole discretion and in accordance with these terms and conditions.

Article 2: Participation. The Program and who is this Program for?

2.1 To become a participant of this Program and to earn Volcano points (as detailed below) You must satisfy the following:

2.1.1 Be an individual whose employment or job description is that of a Suspended Ceiling Installers and Fixers established in United Kingdom, Jersey and the Republic of Ireland;

2.1.2 The main activity being the installation of suspended ceilings (tile and grid), wall panels, islands, baffles and other acoustic ceiling installations; and

2.1.3 You must also be actively involved in at least one of the following:

  • Purchasing Our products from distribution partners (see Article 4.1.1); and/or
  • Sub-contracted labour for the completion of Suspended Ceiling Installation jobs (‘Rockfon Suspended Ceiling Projects’) using Our products (see Article 4.1.2)

(Known as ‘Participant’, ‘You’, ‘Your’)

Failure to satisfy the above conditions will result in Your registration being refused.

Unlimited Participants of the same company may each participate in the Program so long as their own individual email address is used for their account creation. Each Participant may only have one account and one email address may only be associated with one account. If it is found that a Participant holds more than one account; then their account/s will be closed immediately, and all earned Volcano points will be forfeited.

Article 3: What are Volcano points?

Volcano points are generated when activities are carried out by the Participant in accordance with these Terms and Conditions.

Volcano points can be exchanged for items listed in the MyRockfon online store and are the only accepted currency.

1 Volcano point is roughly equivalent to the value of £0.10 in the UK and €0.10 in Ireland. Volcano points cannot be exchanged, traded or transferred and do not hold any monetary value outside of the Program.

Article 4: How to earn Volcano points

4.1 Participants can earn Volcano points by carrying out the activities detailed under this Article 4. We reserve the right to issue Volcano points to Participants based on Our own discretion and the following criteria.

4.1.1 Earning Volcano points: Uploading an image of receipt, invoice or proof of purchase

Participants will be able to upload an image of a receipt, invoice or proof of purchase of any Rockfon products (Ceiling Tiles, Islands, Baffles, Wall Panels and / or Grid and/or accessories). This function will only be made available to Participants in the MyRockfon platform using the UPLOAD INVOICE function. Sending images of receipts, invoices or proof of purchase to Your Sales Representative will not be accepted for inclusion and will be destroyed on receipt. Images must be taken with a smartphone and be must be of a high quality, accurate, complete and readable. Images must include the following:

  • An invoice number;
  • The name of the distributor where the purchase took place;
  • The date in which the purchase was made. Including Month and Year;
  • The name of the products purchased; and
  • The value of the products purchased.

If any of the above information is missing from the image, Rockfon reserves the right to remove Volcano points earned until a qualifying image has been provided.

Receipts, invoices and / or proof of purchase will not be accepted if it has been uploaded three months after the purchase date listed on the image that has been uploaded. Rockfon will monitor all uploads and reserves the right to deduct Volcano points from Participants. Rockfon also reserves the right to suspend or terminate accounts at their own discretion (see Article 16).

Duplicate invoices will not be accepted from the same company or project. Individual invoices, receipts or proof of purchases may only be used once and cannot be used by multiple Participants.

Image formats allowed include: JPG, JPEG, PNG, PDF, GIF, Word Doc. Images must be no bigger than 8MB.

Participants must attach additional details to their uploaded image including:

  • An invoice number;
  • The total value of Rockfon products in the invoice, receipt or proof of purchase excluding VAT;
  • The distributor where the purchase was made. See below for complete list of eligible distributors

Images of receipts, invoices or proof of purchase will only be accepted from the following Rockfon distribution partners: Belgrade Insulation and Drylining, CCF Limited, Encon Insulation Ltd, Galaxy Insulation Ltd, Go Interiors Ltd, NDI (Grafton Merchanting GB Limited), Neville Long Interior Systems Specialist, Pentagon Ltd, Penlaw & Company, Saint-Gobain Building Distribution Limited trading as Minster, SIG plc and Tennants (Charles Tennant & Co (NI) LTD). Other distributors may be considered but this will need to be pre-authorised by Us before any receipts, invoices or proof of purchases are uploaded. Rockfon reserves the right to refuse any receipts, invoices or proof of purchases made with distributors that are not listed above. If You have any questions relating to this, please contact Customer Service on 07393 802257

Volcano points will be automatically attributed to Participant accounts upon image upload.

Participants will earn 1 Volcano point for every £20 (€20 in Ireland) spent on any Rockfon products. Rockfon reserves the right to increase or decrease this reward across different product/(s) / product range/(s)s. For example – Rockfon may wish to give double points for purchasing certain products during promotional periods in the future. These can be viewed on the Monthly Offers page.

Individual invoices, receipts or proof of purchases may only be used once and cannot be used by multiple Participants. If this occurs, You may risk Account suspension or termination and Rockfon reserves the right to deduct Volcano points from Participants.

Article 4.1.2 Earning Volcano points: Sharing images of a project to social media

Participants can post images of their Rockfon Suspended Ceiling Projects to selected Facebook group/(s) to earn Volcano points. Participants can upload multiple project images per post. 10 Volcano points will be awarded for every project image in the post with a maximum 50 Volcano points awarded for every post. For example – if You complete a Suspended Ceiling Project in a local business and upload 7 images of that project to one of the Facebook groups listed below, You will earn 50 Volcano points.

Once You have posted Your images, You are then required to provide the link of Your post in the MyRockfon platform and include the name of the Rockfon product/(s) used in the image/(s).

To be eligible for Volcano points, each Facebook post must:

  • Contain Rockfon Ceiling Tiles and / or Grid
  • Contain #MyRockfon in the text of the post
  • Contain a clean and tidy area 
  • Adheres to health & safety and manual handling regulations
  • Be of high quality and taken with either a smartphone or good quality camera
  • Be either JPEG, JPG, PNG format

Video footage will also be accepted. Each video is equivalent to 1 image.

You can only earn Volcano points for each individual project. You cannot earn Volcano points for:

  • Uploading different images of the same project
  • Uploading images that You have already been awarded Volcano points for

Rockfon reserves the right to refuse awarding Volcano points to any Participants that have uploaded project images without adhering to the above guidelines. If project images have been uploaded and then later removed by Participants, Rockfon reserves the right to remove the equivalent earned Volcano points from the Participants account.

To qualify for earning Volcano points, images must only be uploaded to the following eligible Facebook group:


Rockfon reserves the right to remove Volcano points from Participants if their images have not been uploaded to the eligible Facebook group/(s) listed above.

Article 4.1.3 Earning Volcano points: Referring a colleague or friend to join the Program

Participants will each be given the opportunity to invite other eligible Participants to join the Program. This can be done through two ways outlined in 4.1.4 and 4.1.5 below.

Article 4.1.4 Earning Volcano points: Sending an email through the MyRockfon platform

Participants will have the ability in the Platform to enter in the email address of a colleague or friend that wishes to join the Program. This function will send an email invitation to the email address that has been submitted inviting them to join the Program. Invited Participants MUST reside in either the United Kingdom, Jersey or the Republic of Ireland and MUST be a current Suspended Ceiling Installer in accordance with Article 2. If newly invited members do not meet this criteria, any rewarded Volcano points will be removed from the invitee and they will risk their account being suspended or terminated (see Article 16).

If the recipient of this email invitation joins MyRockfon after clicking the link sent to them in the invitational email and validates the email of their account, the Participant who initially invited the new member will receive 30 Volcano points in their account.

If Rockfon determines any new and invited Participants to be ineligible for participation in the MyRockfon program in any way, any awarded Volcano points will be taken from the Participant who invited them and they will risk their account being either suspended or terminated.

Article 4.1.5 Earning Volcano points: Sharing a referral link

Participants will each be given their own unique referral link. This link will be made available to them in the MyRockfon platform. Participants can share this link either via email, SMS, social media, or other means to invite other Suspended Ceiling Installers that reside within the United Kingdom, Jersey or the Republic of Ireland to join the MyRockfon platform.

If a new Participant joins the MyRockfon program directly from the link that You share and verifies their account, the Participant who initially shared that link to the new member will receive 30 Volcano points in their account.

If Rockfon determines any new and invited Participants to be ineligible for participation in the MyRockfon program in any way, any awarded Volcano points will be taken from the Participant who invited them and they will risk their account being either suspended or terminated (see Article 16).

Article 4.1.6 Earning Volcano points: Completing actions on the MyRockfon platform

On occasion, Volcano points may be rewarded to Participants automatically for taking certain actions on the MyRockfon platform. Actions may include, but not be limited to completing quizzes, answering surveys and entering in details about their account.

The allocation of The Volcano points is carried out during the specified periods and in the detailed conditions for each operation directly on the Site dedicated to the Program or via any other communication medium sent by the Organizer.

4.1.7 Tracking Volcano points

Evidence of the achievement of the relational actions provided by the Participant will be subject to verification by Rockfon. Each Participant will be able to find out at any time the situation of their account by logging on to the Website my.rockfon.co.uk in the "Your Volcano points" section. Rockfon cannot be held responsible for the delay, loss or mis-distribution of a communication, or for its sending to an e-mail address, even if it is not erroneous.

4.1.8 Attribution of Volcano points

Volcano points are automatically awarded to the completion of each activity as detailed in Article 4. The Volcano points will then be redeemable in the MyRockfon online store by the Participant. Acquired Volcano points are redeemable for the duration of the MyRockfon Program.

4.1.9 Exchange of Volcano points

As soon as Volcano points have been credited, they will be available for use by the Participant at the MyRockfon online store my.rockfon.co.uk/store. Volcano points can be redeemed against any items listed in the MyRockfon online store.

Participants will be able to track orders online. All items ordered from the MyRockfon online store will be delivered directly to the Participant at the shipping address provided at the time of order.

4.1.10 MyRockfon Online Store

Rockfon or the provider company mandated by Rockfon to organize and manage the Program reserve the right, during the course of the Program, to change the selection of proposed items listed in the MyRockfon online store or their value in points.

Insofar as is permitted by law, Rockfon, its agents or distributors will not in any circumstances be responsible or liable to compensate the Participant or accept any liability for any loss, damage, personal injury or death occurring as a result of the item not being available, damaged and/or exchanging Volcano points for an unwanted item except where it is caused by the negligence of Rockfon, its agents or distributors or that of their employees. Your statutory rights are not affected.

For the avoidance of doubt, Rockfon’s total liability would, in any event be limited to the obligation to re-create the Participant's account, if necessary, of the number of Volcano points debited for the delivery of the item to which the incident relates.

In the event of a momentary or permanent unavailability of one of the item/s listed in the online store and ordered by the Participant, an item of the same nature and of identical value will be sent to You after Your agreement. Otherwise, the debited Volcano points will be reallocated to the Participant's account. The illustrations, photos and captions presented in the MyRockfon online store and on the website are not contractual and are given purely as an indication. Rockfon's liability cannot be sought on this basis. Under no circumstances is it possible for a Participant to claim the cash counter value. The item/s ordered by the Participants are by no means changeable, or exchangeable, in whole or in part. A Participant cannot refuse without good reason an item ordered and delivered. The delivery times communicated are given as an indication. Rockfon cannot be held responsible for any delay, loss, damage or injury related to the delay or failure to deliver the item, beyond its control.

4.1.11 Charitable donations

Rockfon provides a means by which Participants are able to gift their earned Volcano points to charity. This function is made in the MyRockfon online store.

The charities have been chosen in strict accordance with Rockfon’s charity selection criteria and restrictions, which means all recipients of Rockfon donations must be registered as a charity or not-for-private-profit organisation that:

  • Comply with all applicable international, national and local laws and standards relating to employment, environmental, purchasing and manufacturing practices.
  • Are not involved in the abuse of human rights
  • Do not have employment policies or practices that discriminate on grounds of race, creed, sexual orientation, religion, gender, disability or age
  • Do not discriminate unfairly in the allocation of their support according to race, creed, sexual orientation, religion, gender, disability or age
  • Are not directly involved in gambling, recreational or illegal drugs, tobacco, armaments or alcohol (with the exception of those charities and organisations specifically dedicated to tackling addiction or drug abuse)
  • Do not cause harm to animals for the purposes of either sport or entertainment
  • Do not have, as their main purpose, the dissemination of political or religious information and do not otherwise use their charitable work to encourage support for political or religious causes
  • Do not have activities which involve significant damage to the environment
  • Fully disclose all relevant corporate and personal conflicts of interest

The strategic priorities which frame our search for a charity reflect Rockfon’s brand purpose - creating healthy places and creating a world that sounds good to everyone. Deaf charities and those supporting young people were part of our decision-making criteria, alongside the geographical reach of the charity, which needed to encompass the whole of the UK and Republic of Ireland.

The initial chosen charity for UK donations is the National Deaf Children’s Society and for the Republic of Ireland, it is the Irish Deaf Society. Rockfon will review this periodically, and will extend its charitable activity in due course, based on its strategic priorities.

Participants have no influence over the charities included in the Charitable donations section of the MyRockfon online store.

To gift their earned Volcano points to charity, Participants can select the Charity filter in the MyRockfon online store to view the Charity options. Any options are at Rockfon’s discretion and may not always be available. Participants can give their Volcano points to charity using the Donate button. Participants can give as many Volcano points to charity as they wish to.

All donations go in to an online collection pot. All Participants contribute to the same collection pot when making a donation to charity. For every Volcano point donated, Rockfon will match 1 Volcano point up to a target as set by Rockfon. Once the collection point reaches 100% of its target, the value of the pot will be paid directly to charities which meet the criteria above and never to individuals.

Rockfon will not seek to gain PR opportunities from these donations on the charity’s website, JustGiving pages, social media platforms etc. Whilst Rockfon will endeavour to provide the charity with the names of Participants who contribute, the donation gives Participants no entitlement to associate their brand, business or company with the charity.

Volcano points hold no monetary value outside the Program.

4.1.12 Volcano points Terms of Use

Volcano points are reserved for Participants to redeem for items or charity donations in the "MyRockfon Program". Participants will only be able to redeem their Volcano points to order an item or to make a charitable donation if there are no disputes of any kind between the Participant and/or its company and Rockfon. The availability of Volcano points credit and access to the account will be suspended until the dispute is settled and at Rockfon’s sole discretion potentially terminated depending upon the outcome of the dispute with Rockfon and all Volcano points forfeited.

Article 5: Participant's Responsibility

5.1: Tax regulations

Participants are fully and exclusively responsible for the legal, tax and social implications of their participation in the Program and obtaining and using the items and/or exchanging Volcano points for a charitable donation . In particular, Rockfon reminds Participants of the obligation to comply with existing tax regulations and will not be held responsible for their breaches of this obligation.

5.2: Participant's agreement

The Participant is prohibited from the reproduction, copy, sale, resale or exploitation for any commercial or other purposes from registering with the Program, any use of the Program or any right of access to the Program. The Participant agrees to refrain from attempting to fraudulently obtain points. Any fraud or abuse under the Program may result in Legal Action by Rockfon, including the cancellation of Volcano points, forfeiture of any redeemed items and the cancellation or termination of the Participant's membership. Any deliberate act of purchase, sale, transfer, fraudulent use or exchange of Volcano points or any other use of Volcano points contrary to these terms and conditions, as well as any process or maneuver aimed at obtaining Volcano points without full compliance with the terms and conditions will result in full termination of the Participants membership to the Program and if such actions result in any form of loss suffered by Rockfon, Rockfon is entitled to claim compensation for the loss and/or damage suffered.

5.3: Rockfon Website

The website dedicated to the Program is available at my.rockfon.co.uk. Each Participant will need to have Internet access either directly or through devices with an email address that provides access to Internet content. The costs of communications making the connection to the Internet network as well as the dedicated website and/or websites of the various links accessible, will remain the exclusive responsibility of the Participant. Each Participant will need to have any necessary equipment to ensure their connection to the website and a valid email address.

At the time of registering to the Progam, the Participant will have to choose a personal identifier and password that they will have to personalize when they first log in to give them access to their own account. The Participant undertakes not to share the personal identifier or password with anyone else; Rockfon cannot be liable for fraudulent use of the password, which the Participant expressly acknowledges. The Participant shall not lend, give, sell or, in general, make his account, Volcano points and/or password available to a third party for any reason.

Rockfon reminds Participants of the characteristics and limitations of the Internet network and disclaims any responsibility for the consequences of connecting Participants to this network via the Program's Website. In particular, and more generally, Rockfon cannot be held responsible in whole or in part for any damage of any kind, material or immaterial, caused to the Participants, their computer equipment and the data stored there, and the consequences that may result on their personal, professional or commercial activities. Rockfon cannot be held responsible in the event that one or more Participants are unable to connect to the website due to any technical defects or problems related to network congestion, which Participants acknowledge. For further information, refer to our Legal Notice.

Article 6: Termination by the Program Participant

If the Participant wishes to terminate their registration with the Program , the Participant must submit the request to Rockfon using the email address info@rockfon.co.uk. Under no circumstances will the Participant be able to request the cash conversion of the acquired and unused Volcano points.

Article 7: Rockfon Responsibilities and Rights

7.1. Rockfon Responsibilities

The Participant acknowledges and accepts that Rockfon's only obligation under the Program, provided that its participation is fully compliant with the terms and conditions, is to award the earned Volcano points and provide the Participant with the selected available items or charitable donation options. Rockfon cannot be liable under any other circumstances. Rockfon may cancel or suspend all or part of the Program if it appears that any breach has occurred which includes but not limited to fraud, negligence, misrepresentation has occurred in any form as part of participation in the Program. In this case, Rockfon reserves the right not to award Volcano points or items to the Participant and/or to bring a claim against the Participant in accordance with Article 17. Rockfon's liability cannot be incurred, in general, in the event of force majeure or fortuitous event beyond its control.

Notwithstanding any other Article, Rockon is not liable to the Participant whether in contract, tort (including negligence), breach of statutory duty or otherwise, for any loss of profit or similar loss, loss of goodwill or out of pocket expenses or any indirect or consequential loss arising under or in connection with this Program.

7.2. The right to shorten, extend, amend, suspend or cancel the Program

Rockfon cannot be held liable if, at any time, without notice, and for any reason (including computer fraud, viruses, natural disaster, strike, force majeure or any other reason) the Program is to be shortened, modified, postponed or cancelled. As a result, no compensation can be claimed from Rockfon. In general, Rockfon reserves, at any time and without notice, the possibility, in whole or in part, to modify, suspend, postpone or cancel at any time the terms and conditions of the Program (duration, eligibility, Volcano points, etc.), if the circumstances require it, without any compensation or liability being claimed by the Participants. Rockfon also reserves the right to carry out any checks in the Program that would appear necessary in order to detect any serious breaches of the terms and conditions and/or fraud and/or negligence on the part of the Participants. Rockfon reserves the option of cancelling at any time and without notice the participation of any Participant who has not complied with these terms and conditions. Any fraud, negligence or serious breach will result in the automatic exclusion of the Participant from the Program, a right for Rockfon to raise a claim against the Participant and any Volcano points earned by that Participant but not redeemed may be cancelled.

7.3. Right to amend terms and conditions

Rockfon reserves the right to amend these terms and conditions during the Program. Any changes to these terms and conditions will apply immediately when published on the MyRockfon website.

Article 8: GDPR Compliance

Data Protection Legislation: The UK Data Protection Legislation and any other European Union legislation relating to personal data and all other legislation and regulatory requirements in force from time to time which apply to a party relating to the use of Personal Data including, without limitation, the privacy of electronic communications; and the guidance and codes of practice issued by the relevant data protection or supervisory authority and applicable to a party.

UK Data Protection Legislation: All applicable data protection and privacy legislation in force from time to time in the UK including the General Data Protection Regulation ((EU) 2016/679); the Data Protection Act 2018; the Privacy and Electronic Communications Directive 2002/58/EC (as updated by Directive 2009/136/EC) and the Privacy and Electronic Communications Regulations 2003 (SI 2003/2426) as amended.

Rockfon and all Participant will comply with all applicable Data Protection Legislation.

In accordance with the Data Protection Legislation any Participant may exercise his or her right of access, right to rectification, right to be erased, right to limit treatment, right of opposition, right to data portability and right to define the fate of post-mortem data concerning the information provided to Us at the following address: ROCKWOOL Limited Registered in England and Wales: 972252 Pencoed, Bridgend CF35 6NY United Kingdom.

Where required by the Data Protection Legislation, the Participant concerned has the right to obtain a copy of their personal data. Everyone concerned also has the right to lodge a claim with the competent supervisory authority, the ICO or DPC, or to seek redress from the relevant courts if it considers that the processing manager has not respected their rights. For more information on Rockfon's data security policy and the ROCKWOOL Group, Participants can visit the Rockfon Website.

Article 9: How do We collect Your personal data?

There are several areas of the MyRockfon platform in which We collect personal data. These include but aren’t limited to:

  • Upon joining the Program
  • When You update information in Your personal profile to earn Volcano points
  • When You upload invoice, receipts or proof of purchase to earn Volcano points
  • When You share Rockfon projects on Facebook
  • When You conduct any other activity inside the MyRockfon platform

Any data We collect will only be used to serve the purposes of the Program. We will only use Your personal information in accordance with our Privacy Statement which can be found here.

Article 10: How do We use Your personal data?

The personal data provided by Participants under the Program will be used for the purposes of the Program and its follow-up. This includes account relevant notifications and marketing communications subject to Article 13.

Article 11: How long is my data kept?

Subject to You requesting erasure of Your personal data; Your Personal data is kept for 5 years from the termination of your registration or the end of the Program whichever is the earlier.

Article 12: Is my data secure?

The personal data (including any information relating to uploaded receipts, invoices and / or proof of purchase, or any other type of information) provided by the Participants will be stored in a secure digital file belonging to Rockfon. This file is protected by a 2048 bit encrypted SSL certificate. Your data will not be shared with any third parties. Your data will not be shared internationally.

Article 13: Communications

If You have not selected to receive Marketing Communications, We will only ever contact You for the purposes of informing You about important information concerning Your account. This may include notifications about online orders You have made in the MyRockfon online store or Volcano points You have earned.

If You have selected to receive Marketing Communications, You will receive all types of communication including special promotions and exclusive offers. By selecting this option, Participants will also receive the following types of email communication:

  • Exclusive Promotional emails. This may include
    • Rockfon product/price/promotional offers via distribution partners
    • Merchandise offers within the MyRockfon online store
    • Opportunities to earn extra Volcano points 
  • Opportunities to earn Volcano points through participating in Surveys and Feedback forms. This may include Post Purchase Satisfaction surveys and invitations to participate in focus groups & discussion panels.
  • Monthly e-newsletter exclusive to MyRockfon members
  • Information relevant to product purchases

You can choose whether or not to receive Marketing Communications upon joining the Program or at any time in Your online account.

On occasion, if deemed necessary by Rockfon, Participants may be contacted via the telephone number they have entered against their account by their assigned Sales Representative.

Participants have the ability to manage their communication preferences and determine which types of e-mail communication (listed above) that they do and do not wish to receive. Participants can do this by accessing their online account or by clicking ‘Manage Preferences’ in any email communication.

Article 14: Unsubscribe

If Participants do not wish to receive any of the above types of communications, they can choose to select or unselect any types they choose. They can manage their communication preferences by clicking ‘Unsubscribe’ in any email communication.

If Participants unsubscribe from any of the emails they receive from Rockfon, they may still earn and spend Volcano points in the MyRockfon platform.

Article 15: Account deletion requests

Participants have the right to erase their information from the MyRockfon platform. If You wish to delete Your account, please contact – info@rockfon.co.uk

Article 16: Termination or Suspension of Account/(s)

Rockfon reserves the right to suspend or terminate Participation for any Participants at Rockfon’s own discretion. Reasons for suspension or termination may include but not limited to: evidence of poor workmanship when installing Our products, uploading fraudulent receipts for the purposes of earning Volcano points, displaying negligence or abuse towards Rockfon, the MyRockfon Program or any Rockfon distribution partners or engaging in anti-social behaviour on social media or on the MyRockfon platform.

Other reasons for termination or suspension may include:

  • Failure to meet eligibility requirements to participate in the Program as outlined in Article 2;
  • Any event of a clear error in the identity of the Participant;
  • Not complying with these terms and conditions.

This will be materialized by the closure of the Participant's account, which can be done at any time and without notice. Rockfon reserves the power to use any remedy and to bring an action or action against anyone who has cheated, defrauded, rigged or disrupted the transactions described in these terms and conditions, or attempted to do so. Any Participant who has breached these terms and conditions will not be entitled to any Volcano points and rewards and/or redeemed any Volcano points earned and will risk their account being terminated.

Article 17: Applicable law and jurisdiction

These terms and conditions and any dispute or claim (including non-contractual disputes or claims) arising out of or in connection with it or its subject matter or formation shall be governed by and construed in accordance with the laws of England and Wales and the courts of England and Wales shall have exclusive jurisdiction to settle any dispute or claim (including non-contractual disputes or claims) arising out of or in connection with it or its subject matter or formation.

Article 18: Sales Representatives

A Sales Representative will be attributed to each Participant in the Program. This attribution will automatically occur determined by the Postcode entered against Your account.

You can find all Sales Representative contact information here > https://www.rockfon.co.uk/contact/contact-a-sales-representative/

Article 19: Contact Information

ROCKWOOL Limited T/A Rockfon14th Floor, Chiswick Tower

389 Chiswick High Road

London W4 4ALTel: 020 8222 7457

Fax: 020 8222 7458